Laws a defined on a national level by the Senate. This is first done by a bill being written. The bill is then introduced in the Senate for vote. There must be a greater than 50% for approval of the bill before it becomes law. In the event there is a tie, the king will function as the tie breaker.

The second condition is a bill must be specific to a issue at hand. This means that multiple issues can not be in one bill. For example, if there is an infrastructure bill, that bill can not have foreign aid money in the bill. That foreign aid packages must be in another bill.

Another thing to consider is a bill can not violate constitutional laws. A constitutional law can only be added with 75% of approval by the senate, approval by the king, and approval by 60% of voting population. This is design to make it harder to become a constitutional law, and therefore make the Constitution a powerful document that is designed to give freedoms to the people, and intended for smooth operation of government.