There will be two types of prison systems. The first is house prison or otherwise known as House Arrest. This will be intended for non-violent criminals to serve their terms in their own home. This will reduce the issue of over-crowding in the actual prisons, and assures that there is rehabilitation and correction rather than just simply incarceration. Again, this will be intended for non-violent criminals, so this will not be a threat to the general public. In this case, the prisoner will be required to remain home when they are not working nor doing essential activities (such as grocery shopping). They will also be required for permission to have guests, and the guests can only visit for a certain amount of time. The prisoner will be required to acquire a smartphone and install an app that will mark where the prisoner goes when leaving home. There will also be random calls to the phone to assure that the prisoner is not just leaving the phone home.

Violent prisoner will be required to be incarcerated for the period of their sentence. Each prisoner will have their own cell which will have a toilet, sink, and shower stall. They will be required to participate in rehabilitation programs which will be intended to give them coping and other skills for when they are released. The idea of the prison system will be to provide for corrections, and rehabilitation so the prisoner don’t return to prison.