Let’s face it, for those that would think of having their own country will want to be the ruler of said country. Also, such would also imply that the ruler of said country will want it to be a lifelong position. With that being said – I as the ruler of said country will have a lifetime position. This would however not mean I will have absolute authority as there will be a senate, and a judicial branch – both elected in by the people of the country. This will mean that there is a legitimate democratic process in the country.

Wo what authority and powers would I have. Anything that would entail the immediate well being of the country or its people will be what I would have power in. For example, in 2020 – there was a global pandemic that killed people. If this country existed, then I being the king would have the authority to fo what would be necessary to protect the well being of the people. This could include mask mandates, and closing of non-essential businesses.

Also, as the king, I would have the highest position in the Kaldan Military. Again, this is designed to protect the interests of the country and its people. As the king, I will also have the power to make treaties, and alliances. I will also have the power to ban unsafe products, and define certain things as threats to the well being. It is these immediate actions that would not benefit through a deliberation process that would be in the Senate.