Every citizen 18 years old or older and mentally competent will be allowed to vote as long as they are not serving a prison sentence. Voting is done by mail-in ballot and is requested by the citizen. The choice of mail in ballots is for simplicity and not have to wait in lines or make decisions on a particular day. The citizen will fill in the ballot with order of preference. They will then place the ballot in a secrecy envelope which is then signed and dated. At which point, they will insert the secrecy envelope in the mailing envelope and drop off the envelope in any postal mailbox.

Once the envelope is received by the board of elections, the secrecy envelope is then compared with the signature for validity, and then the ballot is removed. At which point, the ballot is then placed in a bin with other ballots. The ballots are counted every day through a scanner system. The scanners are not connected to the Internet for when the ballots are counted. This is to eliminate the chance of hacking. The ballots are counted, and tallied. At the end pf the week. the cotes will determine the winners of the elections.

Senators are elected in years divisible by 4 (2020, and 2024 for example). Division and Appeal judges are elected in years divisible by 6 (2016, and 2022 for example). Supreme Court nominations are chosen by the king, and voted by the senate in years divisible by 10 (2020, and 2030 for example). All winners of elections will take office on January 1 of the next year. Elections are held in the first full week of November.